My 10 favorite food places in Stockholm (and more) – A non-posh guide for foodies

Aren’t you fed up with travel guides suggesting you the pub near the station or the tourist-crowded pizzeria?

Eating out can be a quite expensive and stressful activity in Sthlm, so in this list you’re not going to find hip fancy places where they steal your money without really serving you food …Yes, the headline says “food places” because some of them are not exactly restaurants: you’ll find delivery places, kiosks, a fast food stall and a bakery.

Here comes the list!

Cafè Eldkvarn – ph: Wikipedia
  1. Coffee

My favorite coffee place in Sthlm is Cafè Eldkvarn, just near the Stadshuset (the City Hall), in a super nice location. It’s named after a mill that used to be there: it burned in 1878, leaving enough space to build the City Hall. You can trust an Italian guy when it comes to espresso: they make a very good one. And have a nice piece of morotskaka -carrot cake- with it (but don’t overindulge!).

It’s a kiosk, so don’t go there if the weather doesn’t look good. Actually, since the weather is ever-changing, you can go there when you want and just wait for the wind to bring your favourite climate conditions. If you feel romantic enough, you can go there in the weekend to be surrounded (literally) by young couples that get married at the town hall.

Gateau it’s a fancy chain for coffee and bakery: you can find almost everywhere. Their coffee is good and bullar, croissants and so on are very good. But if you want to experience Södermalm from a new point of view, just take some time and relax sitting at Johan & Nyström‘s dehor, watching people strolling down Swedenborgsgatan.

Lundbergs Konditori – ph:

2. Breakfast

Lundbergs Konditori: established in 1946, this bakery is one of the best in Sthlm and definitely my favorite. I bumped into it almost by chance and immediately fell in love.

Cakes (like princesstårta and chocolate mousse) and pastry are the best… but the atmosphere is also great: it’s like they kept everything as it was in the 50’s. In the morning everybody is so laidback, there is no sense of rush, there are seniors just chatting and reading the newspapers and so on. So neat.

It is located a bit far from the center, though Gröndal is a lovely place to take a walk and relax, especially along the bay.

Marta & Eleonora @Citykonditoriet

If you are looking for something closer to the center, then enjoy a (rather heavy) American breakfast in one of the most hipsterish places in the city: The Greasy Spoon! From pancakes to bacon, eggs, muffins and porridge and …you can have enough to be stuffed for the rest of your day (they serve also brunch and lunch, but they are too cool to take bookings). Or you can have breakfast at Citykonditoriet. Run by a charity organization, the place looks like it was delivered back to the future by some time-machine. It’s not “just a self-service”, it’s a state of mind.

3. Veggie

You can find a lot of vegetarian restaurants in this city, but if you want a place which is cheap, serves good food and has some atmosphere, go to Hermans. An all-you-can-eat vegetarian buffet located on a terraced garden, with a view on the harbor views. What else do you need? Maybe some more quinoa, right…

Hermans – ph:

4. Sushi

Sushi nowadays is like the most expensive food ever: I have two suggestions for you that are not going to turn your crave for sushi into a nightmare!

In Ostermalm -yes, in Ostermalm- there’s a very tiny sushi takeaway or “eat-here-if-you-can-find-a-table” (they have 6) that’s called Yume Sushi. After taking a look at the super expensive and stylish Saluhall market, just head back and have a 12-piece plate.

5. Falafel/Kebab

I have to admit I haven’t tried that many, but I really like two falafel restaurants in the Folkungagatan zone: one is Folkets Kebab and the other… I don’t even know if it has a name. Well, check the one with the red sign in Östgötagatan. If that one is full, head to Folkets Kebab. And absolutely, ABSOLUTELY avoid kebab and falafel at Solna Grill Korv.

6. Indian restaurant!?

I can’t see why not… So, after an exhausting walk in Hagaparken, head to Masala Masala or Mukut to get literally stuffed. The second one is probably better: this cheap and super-tasty place was one of the best tips I got from a local. Order a super cold Cobra Indian beer to wake your taste-buds back after all those hot spices.


7. Let’s have burgers!

Ok I’m gonna push it farther and declare that I enjoy eating at Max (the “Swedish McDonald’s”) sometimes… and I don’t regret it! But let’s not spend any more words on that. If you are in the mood for that I suggest you to have hamburger & fries at Ostermalms Burger, a simple small stall in a garden where you can have your meal with Trocadero, the Swedishest drink ever.

8. Svenska köket (Swedish cuisine)

So, if you want to eat Swedish food (but, why?! I mean, just drop by the closest Thai or kebab stall), Kvarnen or Pelikan are the places you’re looking for. Perhaps they are a bit too stylish to be in this list, but that’s it. Both located in Södermalm , near Medborgarplatsen.

Pelikan – ph:

The first one is maybe cheaper but the latter has kept all its 30’s style intact and, if it wasn’t for some hipsters and yuppies typing on their Macs, you could feel like having lunch in the past. Knuckles of pork, raindeer meat, grilled salmon and the famous Västerbotten cheese pie are waiting for you.

9. Now, this is very typical

Just out of Slussen metro station you’ll see a stall with a big fish sign. That’s the place: Nystekt Strömming means “newly fried herring” and it’s exactly what it sells! Try the herring hamburger.

Nystekt Strömming – ph: faim? oui oui!!!!!!

10. Extra tip!

But what’s more Swedish than pizza-gyros? Maybe the “taco Friday“! Anyway head to Piccolo Angelo in Verkstadsgatan if you feel the crave for one after a couple (too many) drinks.

…A big “thank you” to anyone who helped me with this list!