More Mosaic for all – Creativity

Lucas, Paulina, Victor, Felix, Nicolas, Klevi
The aim of the second day was to express our emotions, thoughts through visual art. We were oriented to painting activities, using various colors and techniques to fully awake our expressions.
We started the day by meeting a new facilitator.
The new facilitator, Alena, introduced us to the world of creativity by painting using only leaves and colors. The activity was perfectly matching with the autumn season and the view behind our windows. We felt relaxed, immersed into the creative process. As the time was flying, we early had the wall full of our creations. Our emotions could be explained through the combination of colors.

After lunch, Alena introduced us to Ukrainian folklore painting technique. We learned that it was originally used to color houses. The technique includes flowers, which makes white houses more attractive. We tried to paint our own black plate following these patterns. Sharing our thoughts and feelings during the process was the main aim of the activity. The whole groups felt calm and recharged, which made us feel excited. The atmosphere was full of positive vibes and everyone was feeling more comfortable as we met each other in a better way.
After dinner there will be the Ukrainian evening, which will be outside with camp fire. They advised us to be prepared and the only instruction we had was to wear closed shoes and comfortable clothes for everyone. Let’s see what this evening will bring to us.
Stay tuned for tomorrow news and adventures of this amazing project.