More Mosaic for all – Future engineers are growing up

Turning active citizens into engineers and more…

Olena, Lucas, Paulina, Felix, Klevi

Another sunny day at More Mosaic 4 All project. Today the European youth worked mostly on team building activities.

We started the day by expressing our feelings with the use of Dixit cards.

After that we were divided in groups to talk and discuss about active citizenship, finding a definition for it and discussing problems, challenges that we have in each country. Another important focus was on the support and best practices of our own representative countries. We found out that being a prisoner in Sweden is totally awesome! They have the best educational system and a lot of prisoners become active citizens after their release. But please stay on the straight path.

Today we had the chance to feel like engineers. Building a protective construction for an egg was a great activity to practice our cooperation skills and learn how we behave in a team. We had a lot of survival eggs, which means the team building worked well and we are good engineers! This activity led to a feedback session where we shared our thoughts and feelings about how a team and leadership works.

The learning process activity brought us some inspiration from others about different learning methods which the participants use in their everyday life. Now we know each other at a deeper level!

And tonight Georgian will take place in our beautiful venue!

Stay tuned and continue to follow us in our journey.