More Mosaic for all – Getting out of the comfort zone

Getting out of the comfort zone through different and various activities

Lucas, Nicolas, Felix, Klevi, Olena
More Mosaic 4 All project in Lviv continues. Today we tried to overpass our comfort zones by many different activities. Active citizenship, developing opinions, learning to listen to each other’s needs, dealing with stressing situations and conflict were the main topics of the day.
First of all, we discovered the active citizenship background each of us have. We were divided into groups and then we presented our experiences in our lives. Afterward, we discussed about the improvement of activism on a global and national scale.
Then, we moved outside and expressed our opinions about European topics in a playful way, by moving on a scale from yes to no, depending on how we felt about Ivan’s questions.
The last activity before the dinner was a very challenging team building game, which brought out the way each person behaves in a stressing situation where everyone has the same goal. The reflection part was very interesting, and it helped to notice the dynamics of the group. It will be really challenging to manage them in the next days.
It is very interesting how the diversity of our groups is facing the Ukraine cuisine. As everyone has different eating habits even the approach towards traditional Ukrainian meals changes. But, at the end, everyone is very happy and curious to know and taste other countries food.
Stay tuned and continue to follow us in our journey.