More Mosaic for all – Storytelling!

Relaxed time learning how to tell a story and our stories

Ninth day of activities at More Mosaic 4 All project. Today we kept it cool with lot of breaks to recover from yesterday’s emotional activities. The main topic of the day was storytelling, in his various aspects.
First of all, we got to understand that telling a story can be a matter of minutes or hours: you can spend hours talking about a picture and talk about your whole life story in one minute. Actually, we found interesting that keeping the time short makes the emotional part more visible, instead of adding a lot of cliché details (where and when you are born, what’s your job or field of study).
What makes a story catchy? What keeps the attention of the audience? We gave answers to all these questions. For example, some important points were structure, passion, having a main line, consistency, plot twists, archetypes; but unfortunately we didn’t manage to apply all of them in our pineapple family drama. Being in a big group did not help the process of building the story.
Then, after the lunch, we did digital storytelling: we learnt how to use social media to raise social awareness in an effective way, and we even created comics! The energies were somehow low, since the project is coming to an end: we want to relax!
And tonight Czech Republic and Slovakia, after a long time, will be together again… But just for the intercultural evening!
Stay tuned and continue to follow us in our journey.