What a beautiful experience -More Mosaic Everywhere for Everyone Always-Ukraine 2018

The experience of Rosa Cascone and the italian team during the Erasmus + project  “More Mosaic Everywhere for Everyone Always” in Lviv, Ukraine, organized by More Mosaic and Stella

A group of youngsters from five different countries: Ukraine, Italy, Georgia, Sweden and Greece took part a Youth Exchange in Pustomyty where the aim of the project was to be creative in different forms in particular drawing and theatre and provide us with methods of delivering messages and implementing own ideas though creativity and art. The project takes 12days of working with different activities and energizer where all the people were involved to express themselves thought painting, drawing and performance the idea of art. Since the beginning there was a great connection between the group and we built a wonderful team work for all the projects. Each day the trainer leaded us with different kind of workshops and really interesting activities where given us the chance to stop to run on our daily life and think, think even about the meaning of the life and what we were doing over there why we were there and most of the people enjoyed that moment, we worked about ourselves which make us more connect. The project was really creative specially when we had some performances during Halloween night, we were divided by groups and each group was working about own performance, to make a story and create customs too, with an amazing result. But it was not the only creativity moment we used our imagination, inspiration to make all the project perfect with all our motivation and energy. As a participant I don’t have words to describe the feeling that I had, project by project I believe always more that Erasmus+ is connection, a wonderful way to connect people!

Im very happy and glad to had meet all these amazing people which make this experience unforgettable, from each of them I learned something.

Rosa Cascone