ImageIn – Part 2

The motivation to carry out this project is to create an innovative, creative approach to the capacity building and learning of youth in the world of non-formal education and specifically within the EU supported programmes for youth, learning, and mobility. That is to embed together in the trainer and youth workers’ portfolio the competences of a graphic facilitator and a coach. There have already been extensive programmes preparing and developing trainers, or coaches, or graphics facilitators. In our view, these three sets of competencies are a multifaceted aspect of an ideal modern educator and youth worker.


Participant Profile:

2 Participants – Aged 18+ with this profile

  • youth workers, young community leaders and members of the partner organizations;
  • young people, unemployed people interested in the field of entrepreneurship;
  • experience working with young people
  • knowledge of the situation of young people in their own country;
  • motivation to take part in a mutual learning process in a very intercultural setting;
  • good level of English to follow the seminar and to contribute to it;
  • wish and ability to participate fully in the event;

Days: 03/04 – 12/04/2023

Project objectives:

  • Integrate the set of three competencies (coaching, facilitation, and visual facilitation) to train trainers and youth workers
  • To encourage them in using these multiple skills set to work with groups of participants on local level events to boost social inclusion and to develop their action plans
  • To use these activities to boost social inclusion, enabling them to implement “informal training” events or activities in their local realities
  • To observe, monitor, assess and evaluate both the international training as well as the local actions, to provide empirical evidence and valid indicators of the efficacy of this formula, and its need to be further implemented and invested upon
  • Evaluate the effectiveness and experiences of the local task that has been implemented after the first training
  • Understanding the different learning styles and how coaching can be a powerful tool to empowering people
  • Facing their own challenges, values and triggers in order to be a better person and coach in the future
  • Developing set of skills in order to be a better coach/facilitator
  • Learn the difference between coaching, facilitation and mentoring



Travel costs refunded up to 275€

The participants will be accommodated in Althann Vendégház és Konferenciaközpont  at Vác, from two to six bedded rooms divided by gender.

Breakfasts, lunches and dinners per day will be provided on the spot.