Summer Camp in Russia – July 2018


Training Course “Job R-Evolve”


EVS Project “European Solidarity Design”


Youth Exchange “More Mosaic Everywhere for Everyone Always”

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Our activities

Creativity, culture and intercultural dialogue are our job. Our mission is to involve and mobilize youth. We work symbiotically as a human body: our heart is made of the sensibilisation campaigns we do through creative and playful activities; our lungs are the ideas we share, like pure breathable air we use to exchange and communicate innovative ideas, in order to confront with little-big social themes. Our cultural exchanges, volunteerships and European trainings aim at mobilizing young people and make them fully aware about the importance of an equal and democratic social dialogue.

About us

Creatività, cultura e dialogo interculturale sono i campi in cui operiamo, coinvolgere e mobilitare i giovani è il nostro modo di lavorare, condividere idee e collaborare è il nostro compito quotidiano.

The projects

I nostri progetti di scambio culturale, corsi di formazione e volontariato internazionale del programma Erasmus+, nonchè gli scambi Euro-Mediterranei della Fondazione Anna Lindh.

Our stories

Le storie di chi è partito, di chi sta vivendo la propria esperienza all’estero e di chi è tornato consapevole del cambiamento che ha portato con sè, ricordando i colori, gli odori e i suoni della terra che lo ha ospitato.

The team

Un team giovane, dinamico e motivato, capace con sè la voglia di conoscere e di crescere insieme alle esperienze vissute in prima persona dei giovani coinvolti nei progetti di scambio.

Latest stories

Le esperienze dei nostri partecipanti e volontari durante i progetti.

EqUalize: Youth Peace and Security

The epxeirence of Valentina, EVS volunteer of the project “EqUalize” in Lviv, Ukraine, hosted by SII and coordinate by Nous “Since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds …
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What a beautiful experience -More Mosaic Everywhere for Everyone Always-Ukraine 2018

The experience of Rosa Cascone and the italian team during the Erasmus + project  “More Mosaic Everywhere for Everyone Always” in Lviv, Ukraine, organized by More Mosaic and Stella A group of youngsters from five …
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Hand Made Yourself – Nonformal Methods

The project of the contact making seminar ‘HAND MADE YOURSELF’ was prepared by a group of people dealing with handicrafts, traditional crafts and folk art. These cultural activities, previously considered as disappearing, …
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