World Heritage: Gobeklitepe

We aim to increase the awareness of Göbeklitepe, to spread the fact that it is a common heritage of the world and to contribute to the development of intercultural dialogue and inter-religious dialogue among European young people.


Participant Profile:

8 Participants from each partner:

7 Participants (18-30 Ages) + 1 group leader (No Age Limit)

Days: 23/11 – 02/12 2022


We are also planning to contribute to Göbeklitepe Year and our 2023 Tourism Strategy Document with all our activities.

For these purposes, our project objectives are:
– Ensuring the transfer of accurate information to young people by experts on topics such as intercultural learning, cultural heritage, world heritage list, interfaith dialogue
– To introduce Göbeklitepe, the oldest known temple in the world, in the best way internationally and to prepare promotional materials to contribute to the tourism of the region.
– Ensuring the digital transfer of Göbeklitepe cultural heritage to future generations through a web portal
– To promote the culture of Eastern Turkey, especially Şanlurfa, the best and the correct way, and to break down the prejudices
– To capture the east-west synthesis by conducting interviews and cultural trips in the local area and to make an exemplary short film (Common Values Documentary)
– With 50 young people from 6 different countries, enabling development of intercultural learning, interreligious dialogue, increase empathy skills among young people, and seek ways of reconciliation rather than conflict.
– To enable young people to learn about cultural heritage, tourism-oriented alternative development and business models, to pave the way for new horizons and new initiatives
– To raise awareness of young people through non-formal education methods on issues such as European Citizenship, active participation and inclusion
– To increase awareness about The European Commission, National Agency of Turkey, Erasmus+ among young peopl especially througt visibility materials to disseminate the names and logos , in all project outputs.


World Heritage: Göbeklitepe; Prepared in accordance with the European Commission and Erasmus + program priorities.
Cultural Heritage, European Year of Cultural Heritage, Intercultural Learning, Interreligious Dialogue. In addition, our project has been prepared and all the activities of the European Year of Cultural Heritage Year and in Göbeklitepe to both Turkey in 2023 as planned and programmed in such a way will contribute to the Tourism Strategy Document.


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Travel costs refunded up to 360€

Accommodation, travel, food will be covered within the program. Most importantly, travel costs will be reimbursed approximately after 3 months of the submission of all the original travel documents. Reimbursements will be done through bank transfer so as to assure the travel documents like boarding passes, bus and train tickets.


World Heritage: Gobeklitepe